Be Resourceful

Being truly thankful makes you infinitely more resourceful. By sincerely appreciating what you have, you find new and valuable ways to make use of it

Ralph Marston

We all have the capacity to improve our resourcefulness to benefit of ourselves, our customers (internal and external), our family and friends and the planet.

Resources are, in the main, finite and yet many people treat them as though they are infinite. When we talk about resources, we are typically referring to electricity, water, gas, petrol, clean water and other similar materials. There are also other resources such as time and money and these are finite for all of us as human beings.

In our experience we are very good at wasting valuable resources particularly when we cannot see, or do not understand the impact of how and when we use resources, and have no concept of how limited the resources are.

For example:

  • How often have you walked past a manhole-cover gushing with water wastefully draining away? Water that would benefit an entire family living in a country where there are soaring temperatures and where the nearest clean and safe water is an hour’s walk away in that intense heat.
  • How often in your business life have you charged something to your company card or account which, if it were your own money, you would not dream on spending that same amount?
  • How often do you walk past an office building where all the lights are blazing bright at 8pm and when you look in, you can clearly see that there are no occupants in that building?

Do you take personal responsibility for doing something about these issues or do you just turn a blind eye because “It’s not my problem and I’m okay!”?

At Arizion, we believe that we have a responsibility for making it “okay” for everybody, this includes our customers, our family, our friends, our planet, our future, and us.

We have set up a LinkedIn group Be Resourceful for our friends, acquaintances and anybody else that wants to make a difference by sharing ideas, stories, experiences AND by taking action. We also want this to be somewhere to inspire action from everyone so that we can all do more to protect the limited resources we all have and share and also provide insights as to how we can become all individually become more resourceful. Resourcefulness leads to creativity and innovation and this is likely to benefit all of us individually and together.

Join us now and make a difference today, in fact make a difference today whether or not you join us at Be Resourceful!

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