Plan Your Team’s 2012 Travel Now

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Have you thought about how to minimise disruption to your business over the next couple of months as we host the world’s greatest sports events in 2012?

What to do

1. Ensure you and yours have thought about travel arrangements
a. If you need to travel, keep an eye on the routes and changes on a day by day basis – things could change for many different reasons

2. Make sure you are ready for people in your team to work from home as an option:
a. Have SMART objectives in place, this ensures people are clear about what is expected of them and how they will be measured
b. Agree regular communication routes and timings so that issues can be dealt with effectively and efficiently
c. Agree how you will manage this approach after the games are over, people develop new habits in about 30 days and may want to continue to work in this way for the foreseeable future
d. Remember people are more likely to give their discretionary time to their work if they believe you are giving them something in return – including work / home balance or flexible hours

3. If the role is truly not flexible, work out creative ways (preferably with them) to support them during this time when they may find their journeys to be longer or more difficult

4. Be open and transparent about why certain roles are flexible and others are not and be prepared to have the difficult conversation about these differences

5. Most importantly, support people through the weeks ahead, and at the same time ensure they understand the ultimate responsibility is with them to get done what is expected of them

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