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They’re Shelling out!

Shell is bringing customer service car side to the pumps this spring with the return of Forecourt Attendants at nearly 300 sites across the UK. The new Attended Service programme is a free service designed to help drivers with advice on fuels and fuel efficiency, basic car care and safety tips.

Shell Forecourt Attendants are returning to the UK after an absence of more than 20 years heralding a return to a golden age of customer service for motorists where attendants were once commonplace on British forecourts.

Another indication of the competitive advantage organizations are identifying with by providing consistently outstanding service. Contact us to talk about how your business can benefit by providing your customers with an amazing experience every time they interact you.

Turn a complaint into a gift
Research by Eptica shows that 83% of customers complaining on-line are unhappy with the response they get, with 17.5% getting no reply at all – how are you doing?
A customer complaint is your opportunity to listen to what your customers are saying about you, learn how you can improve your all customers’ experiences and very often gain a very loyal customer and ambassador by providing great service recovery.
Contact us to learn how to turn a dissatisfied customer into a positive supporter of your business by clicking here.

On your marks, get set . . .
The 2012 special games are nearly here! Many organisations are only just thinking (if they have started at all!) – about how their team members are going to get to and from work and how they might need to change their working practices.
We will be publishing a special and simple working practices newsletter for the 2012 games on Monday 9th July, next week to help you manage what could be either a difficult or amazing seven weeks through the summer, lets hope your is amazing!

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