The Magic of an Exceptional Shopping Experience

We recently visited Lulu Guinness of Ellis Street, London where Laura, Ariadni and Katie ensured that we had an exceptional shopping experience acheter cialis 5mg.

All three of them were very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the Lulu Guinness bags and accessories, which they all use themselves giving them additional insights into the pro’s and cons of them. They were able to answer all the questions we had about the products and when they did not have the specific handbag we had visited the shop for, Katie was able to suggest an excellent alternative. She based her suggestion on the information she had gleaned from us during a very relaxed conversation and discussion about what I wanted to use the bag for and why I had chosen Lulu Guinness.

It could be suggested that in a store that sells premium product in an affluent part of London, we should expect to be treated like this, however, in our extensive experience, it is rare to have such an enjoyable shopping trip.

Zagg sell covers, cases and accessories for mobile phones and tablets. Whilst visiting Philadelphia in 2010, Gita had a protective SHEILD (which has a lifetime guarantee) fitted to her iPhone. The cover lasted for eight months (through much use and abuse) and when she visited Philadelphia she had it replaced, quibble free.

Recently the cover needed replacing again, so she contacted Zagg who arranged for a replacement SHEILD to be sent from the US to UK, and asked that the old one be returned to them to ensure that she received the replacement free of charge as per the guarantee. They subsequently sent timely reminders to Gita to make sure that the old SHEILD was returned to them within the agreed 60 day period and sent an e-mail to confirm receipt of the skin when it arrived – all free of charge!  We were so delighted with the service and excellent communication, that we sent a note of thanks to the CEO’s office (they encourage feedback direct to their CEO on their website) and had an immediate response to thank us for our compliment.

What you can do now:

  • Ensure that your team “know their stuff” really well – it can make the difference between making a sale . . .or not and getting return business
  • Do what you say you will do, efficiently and enthusiastically – keep your promises
  • Encourage feedback from your customers so that you can learn what you do well (to do more of) and what you can do better
  • Employ people who enjoy working with people – your customers!

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