Top 10 Tips for a Successful 2012

  1. Review your successes of 2011 and use these as a basis for your 2012 plans and write those plans

  2. Think about all the people in your contact list that can help you achieve the successes you will have in 2012, and make arrangements to contact them

  3. Ensure that you have “cleared the clutter” in your working space (see Arizion newsletter of September 2011 – tip 10)

  4. Plan time for fun as well as for business

  5. Learn from other’s successes, for example, the late great Steve Jobs

  6. Re-visit both your personal and organisational values to ensure that they align with your plans for 2012

  7. Put business review dates in your diary for 2012 to ensure that you stay on track with your plans

  8. Commit to stay fit and healthy in the best way that suits your personal lifestyle

  9. Decide which new skill you will learn in 2012 to support your success in achieving your plans

  10. Share your responses to these tips with others and ask for their support

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