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the shoe repair people, have a reputation for great service by listening to and looking after their people.  Mark in their Ealing branch lived up to their reputation, both on the phone and in person. Having had great service I mailed their customer service team to let them know about my experience and I had a personal response within 24 hours to thank me and let me know that they will pass the congratulations on to Mark.

Stylish Living in Acton exceeded expectations by selling us a great product at an excellent price including delivery, and then delivered it to our house within two hours of buying it. Jacob and his assistant were helpful and very friendly.

Thompson and Morgan were unable to fulfill an order we placed due to the time of year, although they took our money well over a month before they let us know we could not have the product. Having phoned them to let them know about my dissatisfaction, they subsequently sent two letters arriving on the same day from the same person, one asking if would like a refund and one having a refund attached, even though I had asked them to keep the money and to dispatch the product when it came back into stock.
I am currently waiting for a manager to call me back, five hours after I was told she would phone me soon! I will keep you updated.

Well done Timpson’s and Stylish Living! – I know where I will be happy to spend my money. Great service retains customers and ripples straight down to your bottom line. Let me know where YOU are happy to spend your money and the best story will win a copy of Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard.

National Customer Service Week will take place from 3rd to 9th October this year. This is your opportunity to celebrate the professionalism of your team. What will you do for your people? Go to National Customer Service Week for tips and hints on how to celebrate in style.

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