Our story

On 24th January 2004, Arizion (now GL connects) was born with a vision to support individuals and organisations provide their internal and external customers with a consistently amazing experience.

Geoff Langston, founder of Arizion, and Gita Langston, Geoff’s business partner and wife founded GL connects in 2015.

Since 2004, Geoff and Gita have worked with hundreds of amazing, passionate and motivated people supporting them to be the best they can be.

Geoff and Gita have had the pleasure of continuing to work with regular clients, and also the privilege of working with many new clients each year.

“Their expertise in coaching has resulted in immediate and significant positive change for their many clients”.

Here are examples and stories of client feedback following Geoffs coaching sessions:

“After 17 years working internationally for a major Pharmaceutical Company in an international Management role, found myself redundant through a merger.

I was rather fortunate to find a comparative role pretty quickly , but in a different country back home in the UK & completely new industry.

I was very fortunate the company were already using GL connects and Geoff to develop their management team.

Through this, it was recommended Geoff became my personal mentor and coach.

My skills base needed bringing up to speed in this new environment and Geoff was asked to provide personal coaching.

Rather dubious at our first meeting wondering how could Geoff teach this old dog new tricks, however by our second meeting – out of 12 over six months – I really understood how Geoff’s approach on mentoring and coaching could add demonstrable value to my own self-confidence and therefore to my employer.

Geoff’s approach is perfect – meetings were held in a neutral place, encouraged openness about everything, covering what you’ve learnt, implemented, applied, and how all of that was perceived.

Further discussions also happened on any other challenges I was facing.

Over 6 months, my confidence was back. I was inspiring people in the organisation myself and passing on that learning and through this, I was recognized as being an inspiring people manager.

After each meeting, Geoff was able to immediately re-think situations, provide suitable research / reading to further develop me.

Not only was Geoff a great mentor and confidant, he really helped not only me, but my company and the team I manage.

Two years on, we are still in touch with each other, I still believe I hold ‘the record of 100% complete sunshine’ at our favorite meeting location in Berkshire.

I would recommend Geoff to any individual / team or organisation that is looking to enhance themselves, develop, or manage change.”

Finance Director, international telecoms organisation.

GL Connects Us

If you would like to learn more about connecting with those around you both in your professional, personal and community life then please get in touch for an informal chat.

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