GL Connect Trainer Adrian SpurrellAdrian is an experienced Leadership and Organisation Development consultant who has worked with the public, private and third sector in the UK and overseas for over 20 years. He loves engaging with leaders and learners to help them explore what is and what might be and where their passions and business intertwine and may lead.

He spent 9 years in finance, by which time he had come to the conclusion that there was more to how organisations and people worked than just money and stepped into the much richer world of people and how they choose to be and interact with each other. Since then he has met and worked with amazing people from all round the world and been humbled by their stories and the choices they have made.

Adrian has an ability to understand how complex systems work and quickly gain a feel for where an organisation is at and the issues it is facing. He can sometimes come up with ideas about how to help it be better, but he’d much rather work with you to help you do that.