Be bold; Be brave; Be daring and courageous enough to…

Be Bold
Be Brave
Be Daring
and Be Courageous Enough to:

  • be unbelievable
  • believe in yourself and others
  • show you care
  • say no when it matters that you say no
  • take an unpopular stand and take a risk for the sake of the possible outcome
  • ask for help when you need it
  • openly empathise
  • openly celebrate
  • forgive (and forget)
  • remain on course, to remain focussed
  • trust your judgement and instincts
  • recognise and overcome obstacles
  • earn respect and permission to lead
  • say sorry
  • be happy for others in their success
  • be kind to yourself (and others)


Take a moment and think of a time when all you could see was that the odds were against you.

It all seemed impossible. People around you that you loved and had always trusted were also confirming to you that your perception of the odds being against you was correct.

Only you knew that regardless, you had to do something!

And here you are, as you read this you know you did something, or a few things and you came through it!

No-one can predict the future. However, there are ways of reflecting on and analysing past experiences and outcomes so that you can take an educated and informed guess about the outcome of doing nothing – or actually doing something.

As you also know, it isn’t until you have been daring and courageous enough to do something, that you will realise that you can actually achieve more than you ever thought you could – even in this moment!

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