Fobbed Off

As a customer, how often have you felt as though you have been “fobbed off” or let down by a supplier?

It very often seems that as customers and consumers, we are wasting both our time and hard earned cash just to get simply what we believe we deserve. The result of a poor experience is that we are dissatisfied and we take your custom (and money) to another supplier.

As service providers, it seems to make good business sense to really care for and about customers and provide them with a consistently amazing experience which is likely to encourage them to become regular customers and tell their friends and family about it.

So, how can customers receive a consistently amazing experience, and how can service and product providers ensure that all their customers consistently receive the amazing experience they expect?

As a customer, if the service or product does not meet your expectations:

  • Raise your issue with a decision maker – somebody who is empowered to resolve your issue
  • Be very clear about what your complaint is and the outcome you are looking for
  • Set clear time frames for your issue to be resolved and let the “decision maker” know that you will escalate the issue to Board level if you do not get a response which meets (or exceeds) the outcome you are looking for, within the agreed time scale
  • Make concise notes about whom you spoke to, their role, the date and time of contact, also follow-up contact dates

As a service or product supplier:

  • Ensure that all your organisational policies and procedures are aimed at making your customers’ experience as EASY and pleasant as possible
  • Recruit team members that love working with people and have excellent interpersonal skills
  • Train your team (regularly) to be customer service professionals, ensuring that they are empowered to consistently delight their customers
  • Use complaints to learn how to improve your service, and complements to celebrate with your team
  • Communicate regularly to your team so that they know what is going on in your business
  • Love and care for your team throughout all their working hours and beyond – after all, they are your strongest advocates!

For some more tips about dealing with “difiicult customers” and to start your weekend with some fun, take just 2 minutes and 12 seconds and click here.

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Raving Fans

Raving-Fans-Customer-Service-BookAnother winner from the Blanchard stable in the “One Minute” series. (ISBN: 9780688123161) An essential read for anybody that works with customers!

A really easy-to-read book which, as with The One Minute Manager, tells a compelling story with a number of engaging characters who bring to life the key elements of providing an exceptional experience to customers.

Inspiring in Spring

Spring is the time of year when we gain some extra hours of daylight.

We can feel the warmth of the sunshine and this encourages new shoots, leaves and branches to develop and grow on plants and trees all around us.

Spring can also inspire us to grow and develop personally in many ways. The longer days very often encourage us to exercise more by walking, cycling, running and more, releasing endorphins and serotonins and these have a positive effect on both physical health and mental well-being. We also very often, become more social by re-acquainting ourselves with existing and new neighbours, as well as seeing friends and family during the extended light and sometimes, warm evenings.

Spring is an ideal time to grow and develop our thinking and approach to our personal and work life, taking inspiration from the numerous stimuli all around us. This includes the thoughts and actions of inspirational people; some of who are well known and some lesser known and yet all of them have made a positive difference in the world.

A couple of quotes that come to mind are:

“There ain’t no rules around here. We’re trying to accomplish things”

Thomas Edison (1847 – 1931)

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world”

Anne Frank (1929 – 1945)

Take a few minutes out of your day to think about how you can feel personally inspired and also easily inspire your family, friends, colleagues and customers to provide them with an amazing experience every day.

Tingdene Marinas

Arizion continues to build their reputation as experts in the leisure marine industry working with Tingdene Marinas to enhance their customer experience through providing two highly interactive and thought provoking workshops vente cialis generique.

Tingdene Operations Director, Steve Arber said:

“Tingdene Marinas Ltd engaged the services of Arizion after being very impressed with Geoff, having seen his training first hand, through his close association with the British Marine Federation.

Geoff and Gita delivered two engaging workshops, one for our Managers and one for the rest of our team. These provided a great insight and we were able to use the feedback from both sessions to develop a strategy going forward.”

The One Minute Manager

Author: Ken Blanchard & Spencer Johnson

ISBN: 9780007107926


An easy-to-read book for aspiring or newly appointed managers, providing effective tips and hints for managing individuals and teams effectively.

It is written as a story and can be read and digested in about an hour, providing an excellent read and it was the first in what is now a series of “One Minute” books.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Author: Stephen Covey

ISBN: 9780743268165


One of the most inspiring leadership and management books I have read. It is packed full of practical approaches to leadership and management supported by great, easy to read stories that bring the theories to life.

I have personally used many of the tools in the book and am delighted with the positive outcomes and impact that they continue to provide. For example, Habit 3 provides an innovative approach to managing one of our most valuable and limited resources – time. Using the approach suggested in the book is likely to enable you to do more of what is important in less time by effective prioritisation.

Be Resourceful

Being truly thankful makes you infinitely more resourceful. By sincerely appreciating what you have, you find new and valuable ways to make use of it

Ralph Marston

We all have the capacity to improve our resourcefulness to benefit of ourselves, our customers (internal and external), our family and friends and the planet.

Resources are, in the main, finite and yet many people treat them as though they are infinite. When we talk about resources, we are typically referring to electricity, water, gas, petrol, clean water and other similar materials. There are also other resources such as time and money and these are finite for all of us as human beings.

In our experience we are very good at wasting valuable resources particularly when we cannot see, or do not understand the impact of how and when we use resources, and have no concept of how limited the resources are.

For example:

  • How often have you walked past a manhole-cover gushing with water wastefully draining away? Water that would benefit an entire family living in a country where there are soaring temperatures and where the nearest clean and safe water is an hour’s walk away in that intense heat.
  • How often in your business life have you charged something to your company card or account which, if it were your own money, you would not dream on spending that same amount?
  • How often do you walk past an office building where all the lights are blazing bright at 8pm and when you look in, you can clearly see that there are no occupants in that building?

Do you take personal responsibility for doing something about these issues or do you just turn a blind eye because “It’s not my problem and I’m okay!”?

At Arizion, we believe that we have a responsibility for making it “okay” for everybody, this includes our customers, our family, our friends, our planet, our future, and us.

We have set up a LinkedIn group Be Resourceful for our friends, acquaintances and anybody else that wants to make a difference by sharing ideas, stories, experiences AND by taking action. We also want this to be somewhere to inspire action from everyone so that we can all do more to protect the limited resources we all have and share and also provide insights as to how we can become all individually become more resourceful. Resourcefulness leads to creativity and innovation and this is likely to benefit all of us individually and together.

Join us now and make a difference today, in fact make a difference today whether or not you join us at Be Resourceful!

Make Me Feel Important

Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign round his or her neck that says – Make me feel important!

Mary Kay Ash (1918-2001) American businesswoman

The Christmas period has traditionally been recognised as a time of “goodwill to all mankind” cialis generique discount. As we are now well into December, many people will be thinking more about family and friends and for a large part of the population, how they may be spending an extended break.

Today, I would like to encourage you to think not only about how you treat your family and friends during this festive period, but also how you treat everybody you come into contact with throughout the whole year. This will include family, friends, colleagues, strangers, your customers (internal and external) and all the other people who provide you with a service as you interact with them during your day-to-day life.? Sometimes in the hustle, bustle and busy-ness of everyday life, it is too easy to forget to recognise people for what they do, whether it affects us personally or not, (see our last newsletter about “being busy”).

It is suggested that it takes thirty days of practice to create a new habit, so start now by taking just a few moments out of your day to notice people around you doing things right, and recognise them in some way which could be a simple as a “Thank you!” or even just a smile. Imagine they have a sign on them that says, “Please make me feel important”, you may be surprised how they respond and how good it’ll make you feel too.

Imagine the positive difference to others you could make by practicing throughout December and January so that for 2013 it becomes the way you do things, a new habit – each and every day, and have fun doing it!

Busy – Making a Difference?

Busy? – Making a difference, being productive or just being busy?

How busy are You right now? When you ask a friend or colleague how they are, how often do they say – “Busy!”?
When you ask a bit more about what they are achieving by being busy, often they will say that they are busy and yet achieving very little!

If you are busy, when did you last take a few minutes away from your busy-ness, to think about what it is that you are busy doing, and also why you are doing it?

It seems at the moment, there are many people who are very, very busy doing “stuff”! They are filling their waking moments with activities that are “essential” for them and often even without realizing, these activities are carried out to please others and in many cases, the “others” typically refers to their employer acheter cialis livraison rapide.

So now, take just five minutes and ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Is what I am busy doing today making a positive difference to my organisation and to me?
  2. Am I spending quality time doing that which is important to my family and friends, my organisation and to me?

If the answer to either of these questions is NO, you are likely to benefit from asking yourself:

What is the true and real purpose of what I am doing today?

How can I add value to my life, the lives of my family and friends and my organisation?

Sometimes we need to slow down just to notice, to see, hear and feel what is going on in our own lives and of those around us.

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.” Helen Keller (1880–1968) American humanitarian, Advocate for the deaf and blind

Give yourself a few minutes every day and look for the doors that you can open to happiness and fulfillment for you, your family and friends, and as a result of this thinking, – your organisation.

Top 10 Tips for a Successful 2012

  1. Review your successes of 2011 and use these as a basis for your 2012 plans and write those plans

  2. Think about all the people in your contact list that can help you achieve the successes you will have in 2012, and make arrangements to contact them

  3. Ensure that you have “cleared the clutter” in your working space (see Arizion newsletter of September 2011 – tip 10)

  4. Plan time for fun as well as for business

  5. Learn from other’s successes, for example, the late great Steve Jobs

  6. Re-visit both your personal and organisational values to ensure that they align with your plans for 2012

  7. Put business review dates in your diary for 2012 to ensure that you stay on track with your plans

  8. Commit to stay fit and healthy in the best way that suits your personal lifestyle

  9. Decide which new skill you will learn in 2012 to support your success in achieving your plans

  10. Share your responses to these tips with others and ask for their support