Working in an organisation can be really fulfilling…

Or it can be really de-motivating. In the same way that organisations can be very careful about the team members they recruit, it will benefit you to ensure that the organisation you either work for or want to work for fits with you as an individual and a potential team member.

GL Connects Organisation

Why is it good to get to know and connect with the organisation you work for?

Working with an organisation with similar values to yours means that it is highly likely that you are going to encouraged and allowed to do your best work and subsequently get even greater job satisfaction.

By connecting with your organisation, getting to know the rest of the team and having a shared passion for the success of business is likely to make going to work a pleasure and more fun.

Your contribution to the business is likely to be more valued, recognised and rewarded. The reward might be financial or, more importantly, recognition of a job well-done and perhaps career progression through the business.

How can you get to know and connect with the organisation you work for?

Develop strong communication and rapport building skills.

Get to know your own and other teams in the business, – what they do and how you can add value to their roles and subsequently their lives.

Ask for feedback on your performance, celebrate the successes and be appreciative of areas that you can develop for the future.

If you would like to learn more about connecting with those around you both in your professional, personal and community life then please get in touch for an informal chat.

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