Connecting with your workplace and how to be a successful Leader in the new ways of working.

The way people do their work nowadays means they connect with their workplace, their colleagues and their customers through different technologies and from a variety of different places and spaces. These changes bring new change management and leadership challenges and requires leaders to lead in a virtual, and often new way.

We work with people within organisations to enable success in the changes required in both the physical settings of the workplace and more importantly, the behavioral changes that enable the individuals’ success in the new ways of working. This includes how to be a successful leader in a virtual workplace and with virtual team members.

GL connects have been working with managers at an international telecommunications company, who deliver “simply smarter communications with innovative design and technology”, to give them the skills, behaviours and attitudes to lead their remote teams successfully.

Following attendance on the Virtual Leadership Programme, developed and delivered by GL connects, there were noticeable and measurable improvements in the performance of the managers who took part in the programme.

Gita has also written “Space2Choose” which is a working book for you to ask yourself the right questions about new ways of working. After all, none of us know what we don’t know and therefore don’t know the questions we may need to be asking for true success and minimal disruption to business-as-usual, when embarking on a change in the workplace. Connect with us at to order your copy (£4.11 plus P&P).

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