When you really understand and connect with yourself…

It enables you to understand how you are perceived by other people in your life and the impact you might have on them.

This may include family members, friends, work colleagues, direct reports, your manager and more.

Sometimes people find it challenging to get to know themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin. One common reason is that it can be a bit scary to find out how you are seen by other people and for many people, this can be enough to stop them going on their journey of self-discovery.

GL Connects Yourself

Why is it good to get to know, and connect with yourself?

You are in a better position to look after yourself both physically and mentally, to feel good and achieve more for you and others.

Knowing what presses your buttons enables you to manage your emotions and your relationships with other people.

When you get to know and appreciate your personal strengths, you are better able to find ways to build on those strengths and start to develop other aspects of yourself.

How do you get to know and connect with yourself?

Seek feedback and celebrate the feedback whatever it might be, see how you can use the feedback to understand who you are.

Using a personality profiling tool which is internationally recognised – such as MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator).

Read books and articles that give you insights into how to get to know yourself

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