Ealing Business Forum Launches



Image courtesy of Carlene Bender of Contactus Ealing.

Ealing Business Forum has been launched with a successful meeting at Mail Box Etc in Spring Bridge Road Ealing

“Relaxed and informal networking, easy to get involved”

‘A very pleasant, informal and more friendly experience, meeting really nice people without the stress/obligations of referrals and follow ups’

Ealing Business Forum’s objectives are to:

  1. Support the economic well-being and growth of Ealing businesses and residents
  2. Provide a forum for the business community to meet each other and share experiences
  3. Enable the Ealing business community share their knowledge

During the first event, Geoff Langston, founder of Ealing Business Forum and Director of Arizion.com gave a presentation on “The Art of Networking”. A copy of the slides that supported the presentation CAN BE FOUND HERE.

Ealing Business Forum meets on the first Tuesday of every month and will always be free to join and free to attend events.

Ealing Business Forum’s next event is on Tuesday 4th March at Metro Bank Ealing from 8.30am to 9.30am.


  • More information on the event from:
  • E: geofflangston@ealingbusinessforum.co.uk
  • T: 07780605868


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