Fobbed Off

As a customer, how often have you felt as though you have been “fobbed off” or let down by a supplier?

It very often seems that as customers and consumers, we are wasting both our time and hard earned cash just to get simply what we believe we deserve. The result of a poor experience is that we are dissatisfied and we take your custom (and money) to another supplier.

As service providers, it seems to make good business sense to really care for and about customers and provide them with a consistently amazing experience which is likely to encourage them to become regular customers and tell their friends and family about it.

So, how can customers receive a consistently amazing experience, and how can service and product providers ensure that all their customers consistently receive the amazing experience they expect?

As a customer, if the service or product does not meet your expectations:

  • Raise your issue with a decision maker – somebody who is empowered to resolve your issue
  • Be very clear about what your complaint is and the outcome you are looking for
  • Set clear time frames for your issue to be resolved and let the “decision maker” know that you will escalate the issue to Board level if you do not get a response which meets (or exceeds) the outcome you are looking for, within the agreed time scale
  • Make concise notes about whom you spoke to, their role, the date and time of contact, also follow-up contact dates

As a service or product supplier:

  • Ensure that all your organisational policies and procedures are aimed at making your customers’ experience as EASY and pleasant as possible
  • Recruit team members that love working with people and have excellent interpersonal skills
  • Train your team (regularly) to be customer service professionals, ensuring that they are empowered to consistently delight their customers
  • Use complaints to learn how to improve your service, and complements to celebrate with your team
  • Communicate regularly to your team so that they know what is going on in your business
  • Love and care for your team throughout all their working hours and beyond – after all, they are your strongest advocates!

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