The Grass isn’t Always Greener

Nor the hay tastier, so don’t do a Herbie!

It seems to me that people are always striving for the next best thing in their lives, believing it will be better, and dissatisfied with what they already have, if indeed they even know what that is.

In many respects, wanting to learn new skills and different ways of approaching life is a great way to be, it shows enthusiasm and provides “stretch” in our personal and business lives.

We are constantly bombarded with messages, very often in the media, about what is possible if you just apply for that job, earn this much money, buy that, join this, travel here, change that, wear this, smell like someone famous . . . the list goes on and on.

The reality is that sometimes we forget what we already have, – until it is too late. It is very often true that having a go at something new and different can be exciting and exhilarating – at first. I would suggest that it is beneficial to invest some time in looking at what you have right now, before you dive headlong into something new (and seemingly exciting).

Think about what you have in your life with regards to your health, fitness, relationships (including family, friends and work colleagues), hobbies, job satisfaction, learning new things and the career prospects in your current job. Again, the list can go on and on about appreciating what you already have in your life.

Once you have really explored all the great things that are already present in your life, you will be in a much stronger position to think about how you can enhance this in a positive way with small steps and changes.

What got me thinking about this was watching Herbie in the picture above, as he strained to reach some straw on the other side of a barbed wire fence. He was doing this at the risk of getting stuck and not being able to get his head back through the fence and at the risk of cutting himself on the barbed wire, or even puncturing the skin on his neck! Herbie persisted in stretching to reach some “stray” blades of straw even though there was plenty of straw on his side of the fence. It was of exactly the same quality in significantly greater abundance, and also in a safe environment where he wouldn’t risk injuring himself to get to it. Herbie was unable to appreciate what he already had easy and safe access to on his side.

Once you have explored all the possibilities and amazing things you already have in your life, if it still seems the right thing to do, to have a go at something different, then go for it with all your heart.

My suggestion is do the right thing for you at the right time, and do it authentically appreciating what you already have and don’t do a Herbie!

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