Is it holiday time? How to REALLY chill out!

Wow! What an amazing summer we have had so far, haven’t we?

It is typically the time of year when many people will be taking a well earned break to relax and recharge body and mind to get ready for the rest of the year . . . what about you?

Many people find it really difficult to slow down and leave work behind even though research shows:

‘A holiday does seem to have the desired effect, as 66% of people said that they felt more productive following a holiday, with 67% reporting a higher level of job satisfaction as a result of returning from a holiday.’Croner House.

There are also an increasing number of self-employed people who feel an ongoing personal responsibility to make sure that their source of income continues, despite attempting to take some personal time out typically with no holiday pay.

Does this sound familiar?

Well, life tends to be a series of balancing acts. So, how do we get the balance right between business and home, particularly when we are supposed to be ‘on holiday’?

For us (Gita and Geoff), the starting point is that in order to look after others at work or at home, WE personally and individually need to be fit and healthy in body and mind. So, not only is your holiday a ‘well earned break’, it is an essential part of being successful as a business owner, colleague, parent, partner, son, daughter etc.

W would like to share a few ideas for you to practice during your holiday; whether it is for a few hours, a whole day, an entire week, or to create a brand new habit:

  • Do a phone (and laptop) fast – leave your phone behind if possible and check your messages only twice a day. If you are using your phone as your camera, leave it in Airplane mode.
  • Check your social media (if you feel it is essential to do so), just once in the morning and once in the evening. Even if social media is important to your business, remember this is `your time to refresh!
  • Learn to laugh stuff off! So, if you get lost, miss a meal or get mixed up when having a go with a foreign language, just laugh it off.
  • Read paper books. Preferably fun books that will give you a different perspective on how you can live your life both during your break and when you get home.
  • Take up some fun or new regular exercise such as swimming, walking, water sports, cycling, tennis, Tai Chi or something local that you come across.
  • Give yourself and your family guilt-free time to do what you want – and most importantly enjoy it!
  • Make time to talk, listen, share and interact on a human level.
  • Get plenty of sleep. Research consistently shows that eight hours of sleep at night pays dividends in terms of energy and health.
  • Immerse yourself in some trivia such as brain games, adult colouring books, puzzles, gardening, board games, I Spy . . .

What else can YOU add to this list?

Please share your ideas with us so we can share them with others.

To motivate you in ‘getting stuck in’ to finding out how to balance your life better, have a look at this video. An interesting perspective on the important things in life, illustrated in a fun way:

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