Geoff has been a coach and mentor to myself and several others in our organisation over the past few years.

Throughout this time he has provided unconditional support and been constructive in his challenge, helping me to think in different ways and question the status quo.

His support has been invaluable as we have sought to drive our business forward, however most importantly of all, is that his approach and support has allowed me to focus on personal development and in remembering what is important in life.

CEO Supported Housing Sector

Geoff has been known to me for a number of years. During my employment with TC Contractors as both Operations Director and Chief Operating Officer, Geoff acted as my business coach.

I found Geoff throughout this period to be enquiring, challenging and inspiring. I was able to operate in a very open manner with Geoff, sharing and resolving business challenges through our coaching periods. This allowed me to be freed up and more functional during my day to day, providing me with quality problem solving and action based strategies that I have continued to use and manipulate as my career has developed and changed.

I have no reservations at all in recommending Geoff as a highly ‘tuned in’ coach who approaches challenges and issues with a very professional and intuitive style, whilst retaining a good sense of humility and humour in his delivery and outputs.

Geoff Tanner

After an unexpected interruption to my career I asked Geoff to help me work through the options for future career paths and the development a strategy to achieve this. Geoff spent some time getting me evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each option along with an examination of my personal motivation for pursuing each one.

His input helped me to reach my own conclusions on my preferred direction which resulted in the establishment of my own limited company to provide services to the charity retail sector. It is possible that making such a profound change in direction might not have been possible without Geoff’s help.

Chris – Director of retail store chain

Working with Geoff was a breath of fresh air, and I really enjoyed the informal nature of our conversations (and the coffee) in a small local café. I’d been ‘stuck’ for a while, and Geoff understood how to lead me through what turned out to be a very gentle process of self-realisation with some (plenty of!) nudges in the right direction along the way. This approach has left me with a far greater sense of empowerment and ownership of my future, with a strong platform to build on, and is something I’m continuing to do.
I’d recommend this to anyone who feels they need some help in getting direction to move to the next step. Thanks Geoff!

Leon – Director of Salesforce Platform architecture

GL connects were delighted to be part of the success of the British Marine’s first Advanced Marina Manager’s School held recently in Turkey. Geoff Langston of GL connects worked with the marina managers on how to deliver a consistently amazing customer experience to all their customers and how to build a high performing team. Delegate’s feedback on the GL connects sessions included: “Geoff was excellent in facilitating the sessions on team work” and “Best thing I have learnt on this course- Focus on internal and external customers”

“London First has been working with GL connects for four years, supporting the development of our Membership Managers and during this time, GL connects has consistently developed and delivered workshops that have engaged our team. This has resulted in practical application of ideas and approaches with a positive impact on our business through improved sales and retention of members.”

GL connects worked with RS Sailing’s senior management team, supporting us with our personal development as well as how we engage with our team. We looked at our organisational communication and strategy development, in particular our vision for the future of the business. Geoff Langston of GL connects facilitated the workshops, he challenged us to think differently about how we manage ourselves as individuals and how we work together as a team.  Following the workshops, we have reviewed and changed the way and the frequency in which we communicate as well as how we can spread work load and motivate our team.”

“At Harken, we engaged GL connects to support us in developing our growth plans to ensure that as we grew the business, we retained the family feel and values that we had developed when we set up the business over 20 years ago. Following some personal and senior management team coaching, GL connects worked with the whole Harken team encouraging them to consider how they can work together more effectively, support each other and improve communication across the business. The work we did with GL connects had an immediate effect on how our team worked together, improving face-to-face communication, building relationships, reducing e-mails and encouraging team members to take more responsibility in the business.”