Aims and outcomes

  • All Harken employees to raise their game transformationally
  • Allow the management team to grow the international business


  • Explore current situation with Management Team
  • Provide transformational change coaching to Management Team
  • Develop a highly interactive customised all team event to:
  1. Establish a baseline for the key values
  2. Facilitate an open Q&A for the team with the Management Team
  3. Articulate the teams understanding of the values
  4. Do a gap analysis
  5. Agree an action plan to close that gap with agreed
  6. responsibilities and plans to follow through
  • Review after at least 30 days and agree next steps

Results and outcomes:

  • More F2F (face to face) communication leading to enhanced relationships
  • Improved collaboration
  • More clarity regarding roles and responsibilities More visible leadership – Management by walking about
  • Improved team satisfaction and engagement Team “pulling together” more effectively Management team confident in building the international side of the business

What they said . . . .

We’ve got a shiny polished company

Face to face works, we see our colleagues more

I wasn’t really sure, but it turned to be a useful day

Openness is appreciated