Thank You Madiba

Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)
On the sunny banks of Lake Garda in Italy this summer, I read The Long Walk to Freedom by Madiba, the late Nelson Mandela. The story of Madiba’s life had a profound effect on me during the holiday and this has continued since our holiday.

What resonated for me about Madiba as a result of reading his book, watching the film Invictus and reading about him more broadly was that he consistently demonstrated some important qualities, values and characteristics. You might benefit from reflecting on his:

  1. Humility, the way he looked out for the good of others and was more concerned about what is right rather than being right
  2. Determination for peaceful resolution in the face of adversity
  3. Integrity, sticking to what he really believed in and working unerringly towards his goal of peace, acceptance of diversity and equality
  4. Humour, even when things were tougher than most of us can imagine
  5. Ability to form deep, long lasting, positive relationships with friends and foes
  6. Trust in people to do the right thing if they were given the opportunity to do so
  7. Ability to forgive unconditionally

Think about what you can learn from these qualities and also from the many stories about Nelson Mandela that will be celebrated in the media over the next few days, weeks and years.

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