The Power of Emotional Connections

What is it about the John Lewis Christmas advertisements that regularly makes grown men and women have tears in their eyes, propel unknown singers to number one in the music charts, encourage massive sales of advert related products and top the hashtag trending topics on Twitter?

Typically, the majority of people have no knowledge of any of the actors that appear in the advert, including their personal history and background and yet, there people are with tears in our eyes, singing the background music, buying the promotional products (remember Monty the Penguin last year?), and Tweeting to share!

Marketing has definitely become more and more about emotional relationships, than either the product itself or the price, as evidenced by the many choices You and everyone else makes, – just think about what you have bought recently yourself and why.

As human beings, we are driven by emotions and relationships and this is as important to understand in business as it is in our personal lives.

The relationships we form with our internal and external customers and therefore the emotions we create in them are critical to our success.

So, how are you developing your relationships?

Here are a few thoughts and ideas about how to build and strengthen emotional relationships with your customers (internal and external):

  • As you know, your team is actually made up of human beings just like you, and like to be treated the way you yourself like to be treated. The old command and control approaches to working with your team are recognised now as not-motivating, so ensure that you look after and, dare I say it, ‘love your team members’ (in a professional way of course!).
  • Say “Thank you” regularly to all your customers in any way that works for you and them. It takes seconds to say “Thanks” and means the world to the recipient.
  • Empower people; genuinely give them responsibility (within their skill set and guidelines) to truly delight the customers.
  • Really get to know people and tailor your conversations to include topics that are important to them as an individual as well as a customer. Ask good quality, open questions, to find out about their interests and then include this in future conversations, sending snippets of information to them if you come across something interesting related to their topic of interest, this will enable you to learn new and interesting things too.
  • Remember; always be authentic and genuine in all the activities mentioned above, your customers will know if you are treating them in a way that feels genuine to them.

In this video, the fisherman is clearly being himself, doing what he believes is going to benefit others without expecting anything in return. This approach is one of abundance mentality, where there is more than enough of everything for everyone, and frequently what one does with an abundance approach, is repaid many times over.

What will you do today to engage with your internal and external customers even more, – maybe using one or two of the approaches above?

For more ideas about creating long lasting relationships with yourself, your team, colleagues and your organisation, connect with us now.

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