Think About Things Differently

This month, we considered not writing a newsletter and then that took us to ‘Why do we ever bother anyway?’

Well the first thought I had in response was that it’s like a habit, and we have regular reminders in the diary to ensure we keep to our habit.

Then I thought, actually it’s so that we can share ideas, tips, stories and inspirations with our friends and colleagues.

As I further reflected on the initial question, I remembered all the lovely emails and conversations we have had from readers of our newsletters to date. So that’s when it dawned on me – we are building and growing relationships through our newsletters and getting to know people and, they are getting to know us!

So if we didn’t send out a newsletter, you wouldn’t be reading this now and remembering who We are, or reflecting on what’s important to You.

As mentioned above, here are the ideas, tips, stories and inspiration tthis newsletter:

Idea: Think about something you are doing regularly just because you have always done it. Now, what would happen if you didn’t do it? How would that impact you and others that are important to you? By consdiering these questions, now make sure it meets the mark and your intention.

Tip: Do it differently! Experiment with your approach by noticing how people respond and ask questions to better understand them and remember to really listen to what they say!

Story: We have shared our story about writing this newsletter, (incidentally, stories don’t have to be long); now what’s your story? Please share one with us, – a story about something you did differently would be very welcome and we would love to read it!

Inspiration: Here are some tried and tested things practical suggestions that work:

  • Try something you’ve always assumed you can’t do yet secretly wanted to have a go at.
  • Teach someone else to do something and tap into your potential as a leader and coach.
  • Immerse yourself in learning something new and allow yourself to forget about the limitations of time, allowing you to experience mindfulness and to be in the moment.
  • Think about the challenges you face and identify possibly solutions to overcome them and think differently as you do this.
  • Attend an event to connect with like-minded people.
  • Attend an event to connect with people that think differently to you and be open to their thoughts.
  • Well, having thought differently about this newsletter and sharing a brief story with you, we hope you have enjoyed reading it.

Now it’s over to you, share a story with us about you and especially a new experience you have had.

Click here to get your creative juices flowing and be inspired by this video about Thinking Differently!

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